The Campus Mall

Tour Directions:
In the image to the right; click and move the mouse in the direction you want to go to navigate around the 360 degree environment. Be on the look out for the curser to change into a globe shape which indicates a hotspot. Click on the hotspot to obtain more information or move to another location.

The campus mall, sometimes known as the quadrangle, is located between Prince Hall [Check out the view from the roof ], Loma Linda University SDA Church, Evans Hall and the Wong Kerlee International Conference Center. The mall is a central location for our students to relax, meet friends and take a break. The LLU student association holds events and sponsors lunches on the campus mall during the school year.

Also located in the center of the campus mall is the Good Samaritan sculpture, a visual representation of the University’s commitment to mission outreach and service. Commencement ceremonies for the School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, and the School of Pharmacy take place every May on the campus mall.