We can take your finished song or your rough outline and turn them into an audio CD with your picture on the label. We have three recording consoles. Our main board is a 32 channel Tascam Digital recording console connected to a hard disk recording system with unlimited track capabilities. In our all digital system we can perform edits down to the sample level which will not only make your performances better than ever, it also means the time required in the studio to get perfect takes is significantly reduced thus saving you lots of money.

Our 2nd board is a 24 channel Applied Research Tecnologies console with 4 separate 16 channel aux mixes and 4 separate 16 channel monitor mixes. This board also doubles as our live sound reinforcement board. Our third board is a 16 channel Tascam recording console which is wired to our 8 track tascam analog recorder. We have a wide array of digital audio processors and special effects, a Roland U20, a Roland RD-700 88 weighted key MIDI piano, and top of the line studio microphones. This technology coupled with our professionally designed control room and our large acoustically designed iso booth and tracking room will create a truly superior final product. Our video sound stage with P. A. system, lights and green wall corner allows us to create the best music video in town. Our cameras are full size Digital Broadcast cameras and our 4 broadcast digital edit bays insure a timely delivery of your final product. Show the world how good you sound and look. Let A V dynamics create your Cd, Music video, and promo pak.Email Russ for booking times and rates.

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